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Nov 3, 2000 11:28 PM

Special Christmas Day meal suggestions?

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I'm looking for a nice restaurant that will be open on Christmas Day. A couple years back I was One If By Land,Two If By Sea, and enjoyed the experience. I'm not really looking for Asian restaurants, I'd rather have something European/American. I'm looking for a special experience, somewhere with a beautiful dining room, good service, and good to excellent food. Price isn't too concerning(for a day). I was looking at Lespinasse, but they're not sure if they'll be open, and Russian Tea Room, but the menu looks like they're having the food carted over from Tavern on the Green.
Le Bernadin, Daniel, and Gramercy Tavern I believe are all closed. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I've never even deigned to try to get a top-notch meal (outside of chinatown) on xmas day. My advice to you is to go out for a fabulous blow-out xmas eve dinner, as I've done on occasion.

    1. Well as a New York Jew, a movie followed by deli (either Carnegie or 2nd Ave.) are pretty much required Xmas observances in my family, but that doesn't sound like quite the ambience you are looking for...

      I would check out some of the restaurants that do double duty as hotel restaurants... In my experiences in other cities, these are the ones that do not close on the holidays.