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Nov 3, 2000 03:03 PM

Upper East Side Chinese or Thai?

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Any suggestions?

A friend is on a limited diet and is looking for steamed fish, tofu, veggie-type food. Would be nice if they had not-so-health-conscious stuff for me too!


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  1. It's more Japanese, but Uzo (or is it Ozu?) may be just what you're looking for. Japanese soups, tofu dishes, limited fish, etc. I really enjoyed it quite a bit. I went one evening when I wasn't feeling well and wanted something soothing. It's around Amsterdam and 86th. Maybe someone else has more specifics.

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      try tao new restarant

    2. Since I like Congee Village on Allen near Delancey, I suspect that their sister restaurant, Congee House on 2nd between 96th and 95th would be well worth a visit. Some of Congee Village's dishes are a bit oily, though, so you might want to stick with congee and such-like. I liked Congee Village's sliced fish and fishhead congees very much when I had them. They also make a fabulous lotus root dish, but it's not steamed and does have a significant amount of oil in it. I don't know how much the uptown branch's menu might differ.

      I haven't had Thai food on the Upper East Side in about a year, but I used to like a restaurant on 1st Av. and 86th St. (east side of the av.) very much, and I also had quite a good Thai meal somewhere around 78th St. and 2nd Av. (west side of the av., I think). Sorry I can't remember names.

      I generally find that it's not hard to find good Thai restaurants, but I have yet to find any Thai restaurant in Manhattan that's consistently great. If you find one, please post the name and location. I'd be quite willing to take the subway up to the Upper East Side if that turns out to be the location of a truly great Thai dining experience.