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Nov 3, 2000 09:36 AM

Lupa....this weekend.....

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I've got reservations at Lupa this weekend and was looking for menu suggestions.
I was there several months ago and then read some threads about dishes that I don't remember seeing on the menu. Do they change the menu that frequently or are thier any items that stay on the menu that you would recommend?

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    Martha Gehan

    If there is either oxtail or duck available, go for it. They are both wonderful. Both are very rich, so I would have something light to start. The fresh sardines on farro are great and I also like the salad of bitter greens. I had a mackerel carpaccio once that was heavenly, but I think that was a special. Pastas are amazing. This is one of my favorite places to eat--the price/quality ratio is IMO unbeatable.

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    1. re: Martha Gehan

      Another vote for the oxtails! MMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMM! I also agree that you need to slow them down - I just say that I'm not ready to order yet, can I have a few more minutes. They are pretty nice.

      1. re: Martha Gehan

        I especially love the sardines!

      2. ...all wonderful...try a pasta/split it with your companions, but do it...the portions are small by "american" standards...any pasta with a meat sauce will will be intensely flavoured because of real reduction...the best, in my opinion, are his gnocchi...they are semolina, therefore, baked not boiled and are baked with cheese - wonderful (you can make them out of batali's cookbook too!)..
        the service is good but tends to not give you enough time to settle in, have a drink and then doesn't always give you time enough between course to let everything sink in for real appreciation - so, slow them down...tell your server in the beginning...
        you'll really enjoy it.

        1. I recommend the turkey "osso buco style", which is particularly good, or as many have suggested the oxtail. Have a great time!

          1. j
            Jessica Shatan

            They have a few specials every night as well as a nightly special entree that is posted on the menu (i.e. Thursday: osso bucco, just an example, no idea what is Thursday's entree.)
            Also, the menu changes seasonally a bit (I was happy to see the panzanella was gone when I went last week, that was the one thing I didn't care for.)
            Some have complained about oiliness and saltiness. I have not encountered extreme saltiness but I have encountered some annoying oiliness in a special spaghetti with eel in garlic olive oil, it was literally *swimming* in oil and was just too much. If I had split it it might not had been so annoying. So you may want to avoid the things in an oil as it's entire sauce.
            I LOVE the bucatini amatriciana. GET THIS GET THIS GET THIS!
            Also the sweet escarole salad with walnuts and I think parm shavings was nice and a good split for 2.
            Try to save room for dessert...
            Also they do these mini-carafes, which is a little more than a glass of wine so they seem expensive but it's a good deal. One time I split a mini-carafe with each course with my companion for our own wine tasting menu.
            Have fun. Don't forget to check out the glossario on the back of the menu.
            Also--try some of the special cocktails, ask for that drink menu. I like the Lupa Sidecar: sweet and sour lemony and strong, in a martini glass whose rim is lined with sugar.

            1. d
              David Lerner

              The simplest pasta, the Bavette (I'd call it linguine) Cacio & Pepe is absolutely perfect.