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Nov 1, 2000 10:32 AM

6th or 7th ave in the 20's

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Hi there :

I'm looking for a decent lunch spot in this area.

Any ideas..... done Sirtaj ad-nauseum already.


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  1. Why don't you try Le Zie on 7th and 20th. Its a lovely little place with lots of European charm and exellent food. Its only drawback is that they do not take credit cards.

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    1. re: S. Benson

      Le Singe Verte isn't bad either. French place on 18th and 7th. Very standard.

      Also like the Portuguese place (used to be O Padeiro, cannot remember new name) on 19th and 6th.)

      Cafeteria on 17th and 7th is attitude-rich, but efficient at lunch and food is surprisingly reasonable and service efficient (at lunch only, it is not good at dinner). Turkey burger is yummy.

      Hana on 22 and 7 is a straightforward, decent sushi place. I would not recommend Monster Sushi (which is on 23 between 6 and 7).

      Haven't tried Porters, a new steak restaurant that opened up on 22 and 7 (across the street) but it looks good.

      If you are looking for cheaper food, the Portuguese place is reasonable for lunch. Another place I like is Manhattan Heroes on 27 and 7. Great takeout - try the black beans and rice with lovely platanos. Also lots of tables.