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Nov 1, 2000 09:47 AM

Gradisca, West 13th?

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Any information on this new Italian?

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  1. ate there recently. I would definitely recommend it. drank an absolutely wonderful chianti by the glass. mozarella app - melts in your mouth. one of the best I have ever had. other salads tasty, cheap. The pasta course was pretty good - a nice light pesto pasta - but my friend's herbed lamb was better. endless baskets of chewy bread with tomato sauce, dark, candlelit, really nice service, not rushed at all. small menu but well-chosen. apps about 5-8, pastas 11-14, second course 15-20. Good date restaurant.

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      Adrienne Ward

      Thanks. Planning to celebrate my birthday there tomorrow with a small group, so we'll have the opportunity to taste a good portion of the menu!

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        Adrienne Ward

        Maybe it was not the best night to judge (Friday), but the Restaurant was extremely crowded and noisy (although the staff was friendly and our waiter went along with turning the bad generic pop music down), and I can't say the kitchen produced anything memorable. The piadine were tasty snacks, and my Gradisca salad of turnip tops, beets, goat cheese, among other things, gave me the vitamins I was craving. However, my leg of lamb was scary and dry and even with a steak knife, I had trouble figuring out how to cut it. A friend's beef, which was a special, was far better (it had flavor), and those who ordered lasagna were happy. The desert list was pretty dull; no one felt like tiramisu again. I was content with the gratis offering of FIAT chocolates -- for an Emilian restaurant, that was the only taste reminiscent of Bologna.

        To be fair, I'd try it again on a slow night.

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          I did go on a late Tuesday night, so maybe it's a small place that couldn't keep up with the demand. too bad, I was about to start recommending the place -