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Nov 1, 2000 12:27 AM

Chingalle Very Disappointing

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Been to Campagna many times and always had a good meal there so when I heard that the same owner was opening Chingalle in my neighborhood I was very excited. But, it was very disappointing. The food was okay but nothing to write home about. Portions are small and some things are definitely overpriced. Guess we should have known that when it said "salmon croquette" that there was no "s" (croquetteS). Not an appetizer to measly croquette and I've made better out a can. The waitstaff wasn't up to par either and when I called to find out the exact address I had to speak to 3 people before someone could give it to me. (How do these people get to work every day??)

Hope this is because it's new and they work the quirks out. I'd love to be able to have a good neigborhood restaurant to go to besides Florent. The vibe is very good, just hope the service and the food get better.

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  1. Where is Chingalle? Also is Florent that you are refering to the restaurant in the meatpacking district? There are many great resturants in that area. Petite Abaille on 14th street has all kinds of yummy Belgian food. Rio Mar has decent Tapas and Paella. Pastis has good steak frites and appetizers. Bonsignor has great takeaway salads and sandwichs. Kobma thai has delicous soups and curry dishes as well as a wonderful pad thai. I forget the name of the Sushi place next door to Kobma but it is decent for eating in or takeout if you don't want to travel to the east village for great sushi. Pepe verde has delicious and inexpensive Italian food. I wish my nabe in brooklyn had half the amount of restaurants that are in your nabe. (Iused to work on washington street! so have eaten out there many a time.)

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      Yup, Chingalle is in the meatpacking district on Gansevoort Street. There certainly are some good places around there and getting more mid to upscale. Welcome additions, but I wish Chingalle was as good as it's sister restaurant Campagna. Good vibe though so I hope the menu and service improves.

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      Erica Marcus

      What do you want from a restaurant that chooses for its name an Italian word the meaning of which no one knows and then changes the spelling so that people can pronounce it, thereby rendering it nonsense in Italian as well as English. "Cinghiale," by the way, is a wild male boar.

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        Josh Mittleman

        I wouldn't rule out the possibility that is a dialect word; Italian dialects are pretty wild. But you're probably right.

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          Cingiale is correct, and pronounced chingiyaleh. Their spelling would sound Kingiyaleh, and would have nothing to do with any well-known dialects. Lesser-known dialects might have different words but one doesn'e find their "ch" sound becoming like our k. It's often that when an "Italian" restaurant makes spelling mistakes like theirs, you can be sure the cooking will err too!