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Oct 31, 2000 01:34 PM

Cite' v. Smith & Wollenski

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Both restuarants are willing to accomadate a party of 20 for a post marathon dinner.
Which one is the better choice for steak and martini's?
I had to pull some strings to get into both places, but was wondering which one would best handle a large party, with children?

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  1. I've never been to either with a group of 20, but here's my two cents:

    The decision hinges not on your appetite, but on your thirst.

    If you plan on really boozing, go to Cite' -- the food is very good, and the $60 wine dinner can be quite a good deal. The wines tend to be decent bottles you've never heard of, but plenty good for having a good time. The wine dinner is available after 8pm.

    If you think your marathoners will be exhausted to the point of drinking two glasses and then face-planting into (hopefully rare and soft) steak, I'm fairly indifferent between the two. If you don't plan on drinking much, the price/value relationship between the two restaurants is pretty similar. If you plan to put back a few bottles at S&W's, your price will rise rapidly.

    S&W's tends to be a bit louder, which may be good for a group of 20, but Cite is no library either.

    Good luck with the marathon and with your dinner decision.

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    1. re: Mike Grant

      Thanks for your response. This group is a bunch of drunks, but probably more in the way of martini's not wine. "Its a drinking group with a running problem."
      Anyway, if you were hosting 20 which one do you think would do a better job?

        1. re: Robert

          S&W is definitely the better restaurant of the two (for traditional steak house fare). Cite is good for their wine-dinner, but if this is no interest to your party, definitely choose S&W (I have never been impressed by Cite's steak, which makes no sense since Post House, Cite and S&W are all owned by Stillman). They do make a mean martini at S&W too. I believe S&W has private room(s), which is where your group will probably be seated.

          1. re: Brad

            I agree that the availability of a private room is key. I once went with a group this large to Cite. We were at one long table in the main dining room -- couldn't hear anyone more than two seats away. If Smith & Wollensky gives you one of the upstairs rooms, I think that's your best choice. (And more freedom for kids to wander around.) As for kids tastes, you shouldn't have trouble getting a burger and fries at either place.

      1. I agree, both are good - but my only reservation would be about taking children. Loud, noisy steakhouses - can't imagine it being kid-friendly. Good luck in the marathon.