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Oct 30, 2000 08:10 AM

Le Bernadin - suggestions?

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I'm going here tomorrow night. Has anyone been here recently and, if so, do you have any recommendations as to what to order? I usually get the tasting menu when one is available and since there is one here, I was thinking of doing that. Wise choice or not?



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  1. I have done the Chef's tasting menu (I think $120) at Le B. a couple of times. While it is very delicious, I actually miss the sumptuous larger portions of the regular menu, but it is a great way to try a bunch of things. If you do go with the regular menu, the raw tuna appetizer redefines this sometimes trite dish, there is a special onion soup with lobster that has shown up on a few occasions - it sounds odd but is perfect, the onions are sweet and subtle and complement the lobster perfectly. I have never had a bad main course there - it very much depends on which fishes you like, I'm a fish conservative and tend to go with a salmon preparation most of the time ... The only bad thing I've ever had there was a green tomato and honey dessert - they were very understanding and brought us something else - the small lesson I take away from this is to stick to traditional desserts. The pineapple and chocalate skewer is also disappointing. Anything with fresh fruit is not.

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      Thanks, Elaine, for your suggestions. We wanted to have one of the tasting menus, but got there too late for it. I did end up having the tuna tartare (carpaccio) with lime vinaigrette as an appetizer, and my dining companion had the lobster cappucino (sp?) soup, which was also quite good.

      Thanks, again, for the recommendations. They were right on target.

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      Tom from Boston

      Went there Saturday nite and it was great.

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        Thanks for this suggestion, Tom. It is exactly what I had and it was wonderul. My dining companion had the seared John Dory, which was equally as good, too. Thanks to the parade that night, we got to the restaurant about 15 minutes late, and therefore missed out on the tasting menu, but still ended up with a very enjoyable/memorable meal.

        Thanks, again, for the recommendation. It was an excellent one, and I don't think I would've ordered that if not for it.

      2. Spanish Mackerel tartare w/ Caviar. One of the most delicious things I've ever tried.