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Oct 28, 2000 08:12 PM

Danube - Vegetarians NOT Welcome

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I stopped by Danube today to look at the menu and stepped inside to ask about vegetarian entrees since my wife does not eat meat. When I asked if they had a vegetarian menu, i was rudely informed that yes they did occasionally make a vegetarian entree but that she did not know what they were. She then continued, "we are a meat and fish place". I could tell that they did not want my business, nor will they be getting it.

This was a very shocking experience compared to the other high class restaurants in NYC like Le Cirque, Daniel, etc. that have bent over backwards to accommodate our food restrictions.

It seems that fewer and fewer restaurants are offering vegetarian items on the standard menu. Is this because they now have vegetarian menus or do they not want the business?

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  1. Actually, I went to Danube a few months ago (on a crowded saturday night), with my vegetarian wife. We did not tell them in advance about her vegetarian-ism (?)
    She ordered a salad off the menu to start and then asked them for a vegetarian entree. After we finished our salads, they proceeded to bring her a three course vegetarian tasting-type menu (we did not ask for one). It was simply delicious - one of the best she or I had ever had (almost as good as my beef cheeks!).
    I've heard from others that their service can be a little too high and mighty, but the kitchen staff seem like real pros.

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      Adrienne Ward

      Gee, its not that vegetarians aren't welcome. My experience with Danube was that people are not welcome.