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Oct 26, 2000 10:37 AM

Brunch in the E70s

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Anyone have some suggestions for brunch or Sunday lunch in the E70s. Primary criteria is outdoor dining (garden, patio, sidewalk). Doesn't need to be chic, but higher than pub grub.


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  1. About a year ago I had brunch at Atlantic Grill on Third Avenue (around 77th Street). It was surprisingly good and priced right. I've attached the link to the brunch menu. They have tables on the sidewalk.


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    1. re: Valerie

      Two of the best brunches on the entire Upper East Side may be enjoyed at two restaurants a block apart:

      Lenox Room (1278 Third Ave., between 73rd and 74th). It gets very busy, but if you go at noon, you'll be fine. I'd be astonished if you didn't love it.

      Tano (1409 Second Avenue, between 73rd and 74th)
      The brunch entrées (including soup or salad, juices, champagne, or Bloody Mary) run $12-21, with most well under $20. The place is intimate, friendly, and all around swell.

      Hope this helps.