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Know any Fondue restaurants in NYC?

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I'm trying to find a good fondue restaurant in Manhattan -- any suggestions? I keep thumbing through Zagat's, but can't find any at all.

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  1. Try Le Bonne Soupe, 55th between Fifth and Sixth. Note threads on this place. Had their fondue years ago, so I can't make an educated recommendation.

    Still, it's not so expensive, or inaccessible (reservations may be recommended, but not necessary) and I've yet to have a less than pleasant experience there. Call 'em. Give it a try. And please let us know if you think it's a pass or fail.


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      Just went to La Bonne Soupe -- fondue menu is only 3 items (cheese, meat and chocolate) -- had the chocolate, and although the portion was a little strong (and I didn't like the cantaloupe and oranges they gave me), it was really good. Great salad and sandwich too! I'd recommend it.

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        I had the cheese fondue at La Bonne Soupe this summer and it was divine, enough to share really ( I couldn't finish it and I like to eat). And very reasonably priced for the area. In fact the whole meal, salad, wine and fondue was quite enjoyable.

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          I also recommend La Bonne Soupe -- the lunch specials (including the cheese fondue) are a good value and served quickly. Haven't had the other fondues, though.

        2. Instead of thumbing through Zagat's, search Chowhound! Fondue thread, albeit meager, from earlier this year...

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/crave...

          1. Although not a fondue restaurant, our restaurant, La Grolla, on the UWS serves val d'aostan cuisine and has a fontina fondue on the menu which the clients seem to like. If you are in the mood for sharing, share the "grolla", the cup of friendship, as well.

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              Rachel Perlow

              Not in NYC, but when in Florida this past spring with a bunch of girlfriends we went to The Melting Pot (somewhere north of Ft. Lauderdale). We had a great time. I took their take out menu (take out fondue?) and called the HQ number on it to enquire about any in the Tri-State area (its a chain, but really good). They said they had none and were looking for an franchisee, was I interested?

              Well I'm not ready to get into the restaurant biz, but if any of you out there are looking for a great franchise I'd recommend it. Although I know nothing of their corporate structure, the restaurant was very pleasant and very busy. I think it would work great in NYC. I can see it fitting in right next to Ruby Foo's or the Hard Rock Cafe! Touristy, yes, but I'd bet we'd see a few New Yorkers there too!

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                i think there's actually a melting pot in white plains, and one in jersey not far over the bridge (maybe edgewater?) i was thinking of that too b/c i was just in ft. lauderdale!

                also, i know it's not the greatest, but i've enjoyed Dip... fun for fondue with groups, drinks & a good time with alright food....

                1. re: PhishFoodie

                  I have to protest on the Dip reco--my food was gross last time I was there. The cheese was gummy and they didn't do a good job keeping it hot. And they gave us undercooked chicken! It was still pink. I would NEVER go back.

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                    oh yuck- my experience has always been good there... of course i wouldn't be cool with those problems either...

              2. Artisanal.
                Swizz (also has great raclette!)

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                  Ditto Artisanal. Just went and had the fondue wth apples and bread (there are more options).

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                    Had the Artisanal Blend Fondue with Apples and Beef Tips (and bread of course). Delicious! But don't bother with the crudite.

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                      Went to Artisanal a couple of weeks ago and shared the Artisanal blend and Roquefort fondue. There were a lot of meat-centric eaters in the bunch. We ordered potatoes, beef tips and the sausage. It went really well. My favorite is the Roquefort.

                      Artisanal also has chocolate fondue for dessert. However, I shared their very unique cheesecake instead with DH.

                      P.S. Sometimes they have what they call 100-cheese fondue. I wouldn't order it as it's probably leftover scraps of cheese they melt down.

                    2. the bourgeois pig! They have cheese and chocolate fondue and i personally LOVE the ambiance!

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                        Ditto The Pig - for the cheese/chocolate fondues - the burlesque club ambiance and the wine/drinks! My fave is the Pig's Blood (sparkling wine with port). I haven't been to the West Village location, not sure if one is better than the other.

                      2. Kashkaval. It's a small wine bar in hells kitchen, 3 or 4 types of cheese fondue. I had the cheddar (waitress's rec) and it was delicious. $12 maybe? And I got the veggies with it, for dippping, $4 more.

                          1. One more for Artisinal, but be prepared to send the fondue back if it's not totally melted, which it likely will not be. Don't bother with any of their other food, accept for dessert.