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Oct 25, 2000 03:33 PM

Know any Fondue restaurants in NYC?

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I'm trying to find a good fondue restaurant in Manhattan -- any suggestions? I keep thumbing through Zagat's, but can't find any at all.

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  1. Try Le Bonne Soupe, 55th between Fifth and Sixth. Note threads on this place. Had their fondue years ago, so I can't make an educated recommendation.

    Still, it's not so expensive, or inaccessible (reservations may be recommended, but not necessary) and I've yet to have a less than pleasant experience there. Call 'em. Give it a try. And please let us know if you think it's a pass or fail.


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    1. re: Pete Feliz

      Just went to La Bonne Soupe -- fondue menu is only 3 items (cheese, meat and chocolate) -- had the chocolate, and although the portion was a little strong (and I didn't like the cantaloupe and oranges they gave me), it was really good. Great salad and sandwich too! I'd recommend it.

      1. re: Pete Feliz

        I had the cheese fondue at La Bonne Soupe this summer and it was divine, enough to share really ( I couldn't finish it and I like to eat). And very reasonably priced for the area. In fact the whole meal, salad, wine and fondue was quite enjoyable.

        1. re: Pete Feliz

          I also recommend La Bonne Soupe -- the lunch specials (including the cheese fondue) are a good value and served quickly. Haven't had the other fondues, though.

        2. Instead of thumbing through Zagat's, search Chowhound! Fondue thread, albeit meager, from earlier this year...


          1. Although not a fondue restaurant, our restaurant, La Grolla, on the UWS serves val d'aostan cuisine and has a fontina fondue on the menu which the clients seem to like. If you are in the mood for sharing, share the "grolla", the cup of friendship, as well.

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              Rachel Perlow

              Not in NYC, but when in Florida this past spring with a bunch of girlfriends we went to The Melting Pot (somewhere north of Ft. Lauderdale). We had a great time. I took their take out menu (take out fondue?) and called the HQ number on it to enquire about any in the Tri-State area (its a chain, but really good). They said they had none and were looking for an franchisee, was I interested?

              Well I'm not ready to get into the restaurant biz, but if any of you out there are looking for a great franchise I'd recommend it. Although I know nothing of their corporate structure, the restaurant was very pleasant and very busy. I think it would work great in NYC. I can see it fitting in right next to Ruby Foo's or the Hard Rock Cafe! Touristy, yes, but I'd bet we'd see a few New Yorkers there too!

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              1. re: Rachel Perlow

                i think there's actually a melting pot in white plains, and one in jersey not far over the bridge (maybe edgewater?) i was thinking of that too b/c i was just in ft. lauderdale!

                also, i know it's not the greatest, but i've enjoyed Dip... fun for fondue with groups, drinks & a good time with alright food....

                1. re: PhishFoodie

                  I have to protest on the Dip reco--my food was gross last time I was there. The cheese was gummy and they didn't do a good job keeping it hot. And they gave us undercooked chicken! It was still pink. I would NEVER go back.

                  1. re: katie570

                    oh yuck- my experience has always been good there... of course i wouldn't be cool with those problems either...

              2. The original comment has been removed