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Oct 25, 2000 01:47 PM

Babbo Restaurant: 10 minutes on hold to be told "We're full"

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Nothing pisses me off more than the arrogance of successful restaurants in Manhattan. I am a West Village resident, and frequent diner. Annually, I spend a fortune eating out, and I'm loyal to good restaurants that treat me well.

My latest experience: Calling Babbo Restaurant (110 Waverly Place) for a reservation. After being put on hold for TEN MINUTES (no exaggeration; my phone has a time display), I was told there was no chance of getting a reservation for the date I requested. "You'd have needed to call a month in advance for that," I was told in a snotty tone.

How arrogant!!! What absurdly poor customer service!! The crowning blow: when I said I found the long hold time unconscionable and wouldn't be trying again, the ice queen on the other end of the line said "OK, then" and hung up.


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  1. That is an unfortunate story. I think they would have treated you better if they knew you were celebrating three or so important events that evening......

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    1. re: Zephyr

      I hope the window has not closed for nominating Funniest CH Posts of 2000. If not, I nominate Zephyr's.

          1. re: Erica Macus

            " tain't funny McGee ! "

        1. re: Marty L.
          Miguel--I can't stop laughing

          Right On. I have got to try this place.

          1. re: Miguel--I can't stop laughing

            Make reservations for whenever you can! This restaurant is so superior to any other I have ever experienced. Bravo Mario!

        2. re: Zephyr

          Lets not get started on this again!

        3. This is one area that the internet should help immensely. I'm starting to use the net, occasionally, to make reservations. So far, I've had a 100% success rate in scoring reservations and a 0% problems.

          1. We should all make reservations for some night far in the future and then not show up so they would have an empty house. HA HA! Boy would the waiters be PO'd.

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            1. re: christine

              I realize you're just joking, Chrstine, but for those reading along: hooliganism and pranks like this just increase the chasm between restaurants and customers, which perpetuates callous service. Chowhounds, by contrast, are devoted to bridging that gap.

              If you don't like a restaurant or its attitude, just don't eat there. And feel free to vent here on, where you can tell others (and often the restaurateurs themselves!) why.


            2. will get you the reservation ASAP. Call liza, tell her elana sent you. 212-777-7373

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                Tried several times. Either phone was busy or got a recording saying that the voice mail box wasn't working.
                Not much of a help.

                1. re: BUCKEYE

                  Except for the fact you can't call the phone # and can't find the website this is a very useful service.