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Oct 23, 2000 10:21 AM

Need quick - idea for good food and BB game tonight

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Looking for a place with the baseball game on tonight. Must have good food, not too smokey. Any type of cuisine is fine as long as it's good! Thanks -

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  1. There are many possible places for such a thing. The main problem you'll run into is that there is no game tonight! There are games Tuesday and Wednesday (and for Mets fans, hopefully Thursday).

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    1. re: Zephyr

      Great - for me! I can now go anywhere. For the future games any rec. willing to travel to a really good place , but not out of Manhattan. I'd prefer close to mid-town or downtown. Thanks for the info!

      1. re: Michele

        It's for the Football game, that I need the place. Jets Miami game. We can sit at the bar as long as they have a tv it's fine. Good food, not smokey only concerns. Midtown closeness prefered but will travel!