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Oct 22, 2000 09:44 PM


  • k

Has anyone ever tried this restaurant. It is on third avenue, right next door to Kiehl's. I walked by it this evening and it smelled nice and garlicky. Has anyone ever tried their Penne Arrabbiata? Are the chilies crushed into the sauce?


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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I have eaten there numerous times as my bro-in-law works right near there (and, yes, my lucky sis is swimming in Kiehl's!). It's a very pleasent, serviceable place--everything is made 'properly', i.e., the penne arrabiatta is a solid "good". Nothing to go out of the way for but a nice place to eat if you are in the nabe.

    1. b
      Barrie Covington

      I've only tried it for brunch - which was pretty prosaic.