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Oct 20, 2000 01:59 AM


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Need a quick, but good place to eat before a 7:30 Carnegie Hall COncert.

Cannot get there much before 6:15.

Often gone to Trattoria Del'Arte, but probably can't this time due to timing.


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  1. You might try Topaz, a Thai place, on 56th St. between 6th and 7th Avenue (north side of the street.) Walk a few steps down--it's below street level. It's next to the Mystery Bookshop.

    I often find Thai recipes too sweet for my taste, but I've had two top-notch lunches recently at this old-favorite, reasonably-priced, very popular--and quick-serving--spot.

    I can recommend:

    --the hot lemongrass soup--outstanding, concentrated flavor

    -- the glass noodles with minced pork salad in lime juice (served at room temperature)

    -- grilled barbecued whole shrimp in a spicy hot sauce

    -- minced pork in lime juice salad (sans noodles)

    --grilled Thai beef--beautifully thin slices of good quality medium-rare beef with a chili sauce on the side that was good enough to dip my lettuce into!!

    You get a bowl of those addictive, mutli-colored prawn crackers with hot sauce to keep you going until your meal arrives. Which it will in a VERY short time!!

    Hope you enjoy it.