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Oct 19, 2000 05:44 AM

Fresh Roasted Peanuts

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When I was a kid, my mother would bring home big bags of fresh roasted peanuts from Newark on her way home from law school. They were still warm, and tasted so good we still talk about them. Anyone know where I can find *real* fresh roasted peanuts (and not the kind that are just warmed up) - anywhere in SI, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Newark/Elizabeth?


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    Frank Language

    The only peanuts I've had in the city that are even warm are at Philip's Candies in Coney Island (Stillwell avenue subway stop). I personally think these are great and always choose them over any sugar fix there; their candies are presumably homemade, but so cloying I almost gag. The peanuts, though, are great - warm, crispy, and a large bag will last me the (long) subway ride home.

    Don't expect it to be the Rosebud of your childhood (for all I know, they may just be warmed up) but they might be a decent approximation.

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      Are they still in the shell?