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Oct 18, 2000 12:36 PM

korean bbq request

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hello all

i'm planning a small gathering of friends for korean bbq. i need some help picking a spot (midtown manhattan) in that the non-chowhound friends are coming to have fun grilling meat at the table. now, some place like kum gang san would be fine b/c it has a large menu (for the non-meat-eaters), but the kalbi and bulgogi are brought to you cooked. i know they do some other things that diners can grill at the table, but since this will be some of my friends' intro to korean, i thought kalbi or bulgogi might be risk-free. (one of my friends is averse to non-familiar foods...but she likes steak/beef and wants to grill at the table!)

any suggestions for restaurants where we can grill at the table AND that have vegetarian and seafood options?

any and all posts are appreciated!

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  1. Kang Suh, (right across the street from Kam Gang San, next to the parking lot) in Koreatown has excellent Korean BBQ. Not only do they have an extensive menu, but they actually use wood chips and not gas for the grill. The kalbe is highly marbled and never fails to please. The soon du bu jigae (tofu stew) is great too (not exactly vegetarian because there's clam and fine shreads of meat).

    Kang Gang San usually lets you cook at the tabletop but you have to order more than 1 order...

    Have fun.

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      Kang Suh will make vegetarian versions of bibim bop and jap jae on request, and I think one could get veg. naeng myun and pajun as well. There's lots of seafood choices, too - last time I was there we had a great spicy octopus dish.