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Anyone know good places for venison? I already know of 3: La Luncheonette (w/foie gras), Le Quercy (w/chanterelles), and supposedly Picholine has game every Friday night. Anyone know of others? I love venison.

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  1. Lupa has Venison as a special sometimes.

    1. If you're in the mood to cook it yourself, there's venison loins wrapped in bacon at Dean and Deluca, and New York State venison prosciutto on sale at Vintage New York on Broome Street.

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        Also, fine venison sausage from Quattro's Farms in the Union Square farmers market.

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        Josh Mittleman

        The latest Southern NY State Zagat has an index for restaurants that serve game; maybe the NYC edition does, too.

        1. Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights has game and usually venison. Call first...great wine list.

          I had venison at Window's on the world and it was great. This was before the more informal Wild Blue opened. Check them out as they do more game.

          I once had venison at Aureole. Long time ago.

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            Anyone been to Henry's End? I have been meaning to try it since it features game, but never been able to motivate to cross the bridge. If it's good, that would give me incentive to go.

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              David Jacobson

              Henry's End does it game fest in the fall/winter, give them a call to see if it's started yet, the elk chops are great

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                Henry's End is really good -- there's been a number of posts on the Brooklyn board to that effect.

            2. Try Wallse, the new swank Austrian joint on W 11th in the West Village. I had an outstanding venison special in a red wine reduction with juniper berries...and they've now added it to their permanent menu. Very different and very delicious!

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                yvonne johnson

                I had a very good main at Tonic (108 W 18th) a few weeks ago. Venison with quince, tasty juices and brussel sprouts finely shredded and cooked nicely.

                The best venison I've had in Manhattan was at Le Madri (168 w 18th street). This was years ago, so can't vouch for the place now. Coincidence the two places are so near each other.

                1. Massimo Al Ponte Vecchio is an Italian restaurant at 206 Thompson that just about always offers game, usually as a special (even in the spring, I think!).

                  Eaten there a few times and experiences have been pleasant verging on great each time...esepcially nice service and good food.