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Oct 18, 2000 08:27 AM

Christmas dinner at great, casual Italian restaurant..

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It's a little early, but my boss wants me to explore options for about 15 people to dine at a mid-price Italian restaurant with low-key atmosphere.

West Village preferred! Any suggestions? Would love to be able to come up with something good, and would value opinions!

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  1. my first choicew/be manducatti's , but its inlong island city. west side spot., is bar cicchetti, across the street from s.o.b's

    1. A place we like very much is Arte, located at 21 East 9th, cattycorner from Knickerbocker's. It is a small but charming Italian in the Village and we don't think it's overpriced. Take a walk by some night and check it out, see what you think.

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        Barrie Covington

        Thanks! I'll take a stroll by these and check these out. Would love to do something more adventurous than Italian, but the boss feels this will suit everyone.

        Thanks for the ideas.

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        yvonne johnson

        "I Coppi", 432 east 9th st (bet A and 1st). This is a reasonably new place, casual but stylish (don't let the east village loc put people off!). I've been there three times and been very pleased on every occasion.Everything tasted so fresh and flavorful. There's an open brick oven that makes the place very cosey and I think this would make the restaurant feel especially festive at Christmas.