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Oct 17, 2000 11:08 PM

Artie's Deli Disappoints

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I stopped in at Artie's, the new deli on Broadway near 84th put together by the Carmines and Docks consortium, and has a pretty poor meal. The corned beef and pastrami combo, my default choice in delis, was certainly big, but it wasn't good. The meat had a peculiar texture and flavor, sort of plastick-y and tough, almost like a poor quality ham. Could it have been microwaved? It reminded me a bit of deli sandwiches from a lunch place at college that we used to zap. Also, my son's hot dog was way overdone. I like a crispy skin, but the desired effect is a firm but light crust to hold in juice. This was too armor-like for me, and he didn't want to eat it at all.

The cel-ray soda was good, the waitresses were pleasant, and the pickles were decent, but I should have known better.

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  1. How true. A deli in name only. Like the rest of this chain it's a theme joint. What a shame that in NYC and in this 'hood there is no authentic Deli...