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Oct 17, 2000 07:07 PM

One Chance at Dinner in NYC

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We will be in NY and our schedule is pretty booked. My husband and I will have one night to go to dinner together, without others. Many suggestions have been made; Pastis, Balthazar, Mercer Kitchen, La Goulue, Lupa, Babbo, Asia de Cuba, Alisons on Dominick, 21, (the list goes on and on), Sardis... (Have been to Windows on the World and Tavern on the Green.) What would you recommend if you had one night? Also, I don't know that he really likes French as we don't eat much French cuisine in Houston. Please help asap.

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  1. I discussed this question with my husband and we agreed we would pick one of two restaurants for our only NYC dinner out. Both of them are French, but that shouldn't count against them: either Chanterelle or Le Bernardin (incredible seafood).

    Do let us know where you end up!

    1. Next Door Nobu.

      1. Well, it's REALLY tough to pick one restaurant in New York City. I think it depends on what you're most looking for: ambience, type and quality of cuisine, place most associated with NYC, etc. Any of the restaurants you listed would be terrific (if not cheap).

        Well, here are some suggestions from my point of view:

        If ya like steak and ya want a real NYC experience, gotta try Peter Lugers (IMHO, Sparks runs second). Or try Keens Steak House on 36th Street.

        If ya like Chinese and want a NYC Chinese experience, try Chinatown. But you'll REALLY be skipping ambience.

        If ya want a very good NY restaurant that deserves more attention, has excellent food (especially the grilled fish), and now sports a decent wine list, try City Hall in Tribeca.

        For Italian, I think you have to travel to the boroughs. One of my all time favorites has been Queen on Court Street in Brooklyn.

        For a fabulous, knockout view while fine dining, try River Cafe in Brooklyn.

        Geez, I could go on and on...