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Oct 16, 2000 05:24 PM

Need help with family coming to the city

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hi all:

my girlfriend's family (7 including us) will be coming in this weekend for dinner, etc.

we were recommended Carmine's but they are out of reservations for saturday.

i need a decent place (they're not foodies and will have two 10 year olds with them) that will accomodate us without breaking the bank.

no real food type preferences, but i don't want to take them out to chinese -- they can get that at home.

any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated and would probably end my headache!


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  1. If Carmine's is their speed than you should try for Tony's de Napoli on Second Ave at 84 Street. Same thing as Carmine's but the food is somewhat better.

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      Also, try Gabriela's at 93rd & Amsterdam ... and Gabriela's Kitchen on Amsterdam in the 70s. Both owned by the same folks. Good Mexican food and child friendly. And not pricey.