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Oct 13, 2000 06:29 PM

Don't go to Eska!

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Another day, me and my 2 friends went to get dinner in Eska. It was tuesday night, and even at 11 pm we still had to wait 20 mins to get a table. We finally got us a table and guess what!?, What a waist of time and money!!! Service was horrible!!! Waiter was extremely rude. All he was saing was : NO!( when I ask him about specials, or if any substitutes available, etc.)NO other explanations!! When we odered food, appetizers were fine (no complains, although my friends thought that they were too expensive 9-11USD, i thought for manhattan its fine price). However, my fish was horrible!! Orata didnt taste at all like orata, and was obviously overcooked.Seven herb salad, was four herb salad, and mostly parsley. Other dishes were even worse. We didnt even try dessert! What a dump!!!

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  1. You must have been served by the same waiter who served me. He was downright rude and condescending, and seemed annoyed when we asked questions -- and for substitutions, which were not allowed. The portions were small, the fish (I had salmon) fine but not delectable for $25, for which price it really should have been divine. C'mon, salmon! My friend and I had an utterly unpleasant experience there and were made to feel unwanted; we left chagrined.

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      Do you mean Esca? The Mario Batali rest.? I was there about 4 months ago, and all was well. Is it going downhill?

      1. re: Michele

        I was also wondering if meant Esca. My experience there a few weeks ago was pretty near sublime. My dining companion and I walked in sans reservations and were immediately seated at the bar. The $30 crudo tasting menu was worth every scrumptious cent, if for nothing but the urchin. Each fish was served with its own appropriate salt (Hawaiiian red clay salt and several others) and the fish itself was cut with such such lovely care that honestly, I nearly teared up. The bartender was our server and made a wonderful dessert sugestion-a goat cheese/maple confection which sent me into food joy orbit so much so that I couldn't speak for a few minutes (I get emotional about food, okay?) and comped us each a glass of Muscadet. All in all a pretty perfect dining experience. I'm really sorry that yours didn't work out as well. Really--it IS worth another chance.


        1. re: Kat Kinsman

          Yes, I meant Esca, and though the food, like I said, was good, it was not so exceptional that it warranted $25 entrees. Under $20, yes. And the waiter was indeed shockingly rude, so rude it upset my friend. He was condescending and impatient with her (she couldn't eat certain foods). They also tried to hurry us out. Overall, it wasn't pleasant. At Lupa, however, I had terrific service, very good food (though still in my opinion overpriced for its simplicity), and had a lovely experience. I heard Po was excellent.

          1. re: Diane Mehta

            bear in mind the high rent district... you could have been paying 40 dollars per entree!

    2. At least don't go there if you don't know how to spell it!