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Oct 13, 2000 03:20 PM

NEM in Grand Central

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I went to NEM today in Grand Central Station. The line was short and the food smelled good so I thought I would give it a try. I opted for the Grilled Sirloin Sandwich which is served on a "Cosi-ish" style bread w/ pate', cucumber, carrots, daikon and Cilantro. I was truly pleased...The steak was cut in long strips on a bias showing that they were cooked to a beautiful medium rare with nice charring and a extremely tender texture. The flavorful marinade along w/ the choice of vegetables was a crisp and refreshing backdrop to the beef. The sandwich, a nice sized sandwich, was only $6.50. Also, they have good looking salads and a few items with shrimp that also good.

Anyone else hit this place up?

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    michael zimmerman

    This is a good place - have sampled the pork and chicken Vietnamese sandwiches as well as the beef salad. Freshness and quality of the ingredients is obvious.

    1. w
      Warren Goodman

      The sandwiches are marvelous, and the rest of the food looks great, too. I almost always order the steak, but the shrimp and vegetable sandwiches were dynamic, also.
      N.B. Ask to see if they still give the card that when stamped 10x for sandwiches yields a freebie.