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Oct 12, 2000 02:28 PM

Breakfast/Coffee in Murray Hill/Gramercy

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Hi all,

I'm coming to nyc next week, staying at 31st and Madison...what are the recommendations for morning coffee, croissants, and such?

Cheers, mj

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  1. Take a walk downtown a few blocks to Union Square, turn right on 15th St and go to City Bakery. Browse the greenmarket while drinking your coffee with fresh, unhomogenized milk and eating a still-warm pain au chocolat. Pay special attention to the amazing, extra-large, pinkish heirloom tomatoes. Have a great time!

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      Oh, and later on, check out the Waterfront Ale House. For the East Coast, it's pretty good.

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        City Bakery is actually on 17th Street, and is excellent, though it's not exactly in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there is a lack of decent bakeries in the Murray Hill area. Burke & Burke, on 34th and Lexington, makes pretty good coffee and brings in a whole variety of fresh-looking baked goods; what I've tried is not bad.

      2. Chez Laurence, Madison and 38th (or is it 39th?) makes good croissants and brioches and decent coffee. Very French.

        1. GREAT croissants at Dolci on Park Ave, 12 Park (between 34th and 35th streets). Fresh, buttery, light...the real deal! Don't let the clueless counterhelp fool you; someone in the kitchen knows what they're doing.

          Their cafe au lait aint bad, either...just tell them to lay off the cinammon and choco powder!