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Oct 11, 2000 02:16 PM

Marco Polo in Chinatown

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An office mate and I just made our bimonthly lunchtime trek to Chinatown, and this time around we chose Marco Polo based on the mentions of it on this board. I'm actually eating it right now, and it's delicious (even though we're being abused for "stinking up" the office). We got ginger and scallion lo mein, which is standard but very good, and seafood congee, again pretty standard but quite tasty; mainly done with fish cake, but a few huge, wonderfully fresh shrimp floating around, too. We also got the dried shrimp with bitter melon and soybean noodle casserole, which is a knockout. The clear noodles are really supple and fresh, with a huge amount of dried shrimp mixed in and lots of melon and shiitakes to cut the saltiness. The menu is huge, as are the portions, and really reasonable - the three dishes came to $16 and we've got a bunch left over. They've got almond and mango tofu listed as desserts, which I'd like to try on the next visit. Has anyone had these?

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  1. "Country Chicken" is actually a Chinatown euphemism for frog...are you sure that's not what you had?


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      Hmm...I didn't mention "country chicken" in my post! And while I love me some frog, I definitely didn't have it today at Marco Polo! Am I missing something? Or did the champagne you broke out to celebrate #10,000 get you mixed up?(g)

      1. re: Lauren

        Ha. Woops, my screw-up. As soon as I read your message, I researched previous postings on marco polo, and found an old one, linked below...which is the one I meant to reply to!

        But I'll be lazy and leave this all up here, since those discussing Marco Polo back then will probably read along on this thread as well.


        1. re: Jim Leff
          andrew reibman

          that's my message your following up to jim. and no the country style chicken was not frog. unless chinese frogs weigh in at 3-5 pounds and are 4-6 inches wide at the breast. I guess it could be the geoduck clam equivalent of a frog... :-)

          I don't think I've seen fresh frogs at Marco Polo anyway, although they do have eels, stone crabs, and stuff like that.

          we ate there a couple of time recently. I continue my recommendation of the home made noodles - that's really the best thing there. and the simple mustard greens.

          the congee casserole style are quite good. I would stick with salted egg, sausage, chicken etc. I don't think the seafood here is anything to write home about, unless you get the lobster special.

          I had a jellyfish salad that was not as good as the one at tindo. (hats off. moment of silence...)

          we also had chow fun noodles, which didn't appear to be home made. and were merely high quality rice shop chow fun.