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Oct 10, 2000 05:25 PM

Moltisanti's (sp?)

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Am I crazy? Or did I read a Sietsema review somewhere, sometime, in which he raved about ragu at Moltsanti's (sp?) on Christopher (location?) Can't find the reference anywhere. The occasion: Every year, end of October, my aunt comes in to the City from Connecticut 'burbs for a big Italian birthday meal. Every year the restaurant she picks serves mediocre to bad food--for many years it was Theresa's (I think that was the name) in the village because she loved the waiter and the low low prices. Most of the food was execrable. I remembered Sietsema's review of the above--can it accomodate 15 or so? Any other suggestions? Must be cheap . . .aunt et. al. are not foodies; I am and would prefer to spend even small amounts of money on a good meal. Great meal even better. La Nonna? Max (too small)? Luca? Any others in lower Manhattan? Thanks.

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  1. The restaurant you're thinking of is probably Malatesta, on Christopher at Washington. And it is quite good, especially when you consider the superlow tabs, but the food is extremely simple: pastas; lamb chops; big salads; tagliatta; grilled tuna; tons of piadini. Cash only, if that's a problem; lightly model-infested if that's a draw.

    The people who run the restaurant (and the related Piadina, on Tenth) are Bolognese, thus the decent ragu.