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Oct 10, 2000 02:12 PM

A new Japanese worthy trying

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Although I am a longtime follower of this site, this is my first message. We recently visited a new Japanese restaurant on the Upper East Side called Tanuki(around the corner from Gari on First Avenue) where the food was breathtaking.
We ordered the chef's five-course Kaiseki menu, which changes weekly, for a very reasonable $60 per person. Each course was beautifuly prepared and presented and followed traditional kaiseki principals. The Sushi Chef is formally of Bond St. and knows his fish! The kitchen chef studied in France and also under Chef Sakai (as in Iron Chef Sakai). We were impressed by the attention to balance in taste, temperature, and texture. Being jaded eaters, we were also grateful for the opportunity to try some unusual foods - including a broth made with an ingredient translated as "pine fungus". It was magic. It was also empty, so run don't walk - make sure it stays open!

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  1. Neither Tanuki nor Gari are listed on Or in NYC white pages

    do you have a cross street?

    first avenue's kind of long.


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      Gari is Sushi of Gari, which is I think on 78th between 1st and York.

      1. re: Shane

        First ave between 76/77. East side of the street.

      2. What did you eat?