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Oct 10, 2000 12:12 PM

WHAT happened to OLD DEVIL MOON????

  • k

ODM used to be one of my favorite spots--slow but friendly service, great atmosphere and FANTASTIC country ham. Went on sunday and was miserablely disappointed--completely disaffected service, food only so-so (dry dry sausage, burned eggs!) --the waitress got an order wrong and acted like it was our fault,all in all an unhappy experience. But where else can I get country ham?????

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  1. Try going for dinner - it's even worse!

    The place has been going downhill (albeit slowly) almost since it opened. They get their weekend brunch business regardless of how carelessly they prepare and serve the food, and it is baldly apparent that they consider you lucky just to have secured a table.

    We live in the neighborhood and make the mistake of giving it another try appx every six months. The last time we went for brunch, my $8 eggs were cold and the yolks were broken and hard-cooked. And the EV-standard bleary-eyed waitress told me I'd have to wait a half an hour to get them re-done. I ate my tates and (burned) sausage and I haven't been back.

    I suspect absentee or substance-abusing owners. It's the only explanation I can think of. The place is like an uncared-for pet that has slowly gone mangy and half-feral.