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Oct 10, 2000 11:32 AM

Please Help: Pho Recommendations Needed

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My wife, son, and some family friends will be in town for a few days later this week. High-end eats are already nailed down: Nobu Next Door, J.G., Gramercy Tavern, Bouley Bakery, Babbo. They'll be staying in Chelsea.

BUT we need some input on great PHO places, preferably below Mid-town, which is where I'd expect 'em anyway.

So, please, Chowhounds, come to the rescue.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The only pho in manhattan worth talking about, for my taste, is Pho Cong Ly (downtown---no vietnamese in Midtown--on hester bet. christie and bowery). They make good curry chicken, too. Don't order anything else, though.

    I really dislike Pho Bang (also downtown), though there are others who disagree.

    But if you're visiting from way out of town, I'd strongly urge you to look to other cuisines. NYC is not a great Vietnamese town. Looked like we might be for a year or two when three good places opened on Baxter ST in Chinatown, but they're all pretty bad now and there's not much to replace them


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Robert Sietsema

      I second that recommendation, and also tout the crepes made with a wobbly rice noodle covering. Look in the immediate 2-3 blocks to the south/southwest and find three other vietnamese restaurants, a couple of markets, a video store, and a banh mi shop (near the northeast corner of Bowery and Canal).

      1. re: Robert Sietsema
        Steve Potenberg

        Thanks for the input.

        Perhaps I'll suggest they try one of the "jury duty" thread places that involve noodles, e.g., Noodletown, etc.

    2. Uh, two words:

      Bo Ky

      Bayard between Mulberry and Mott, north side of the street, in Chinatown. It's heaven.