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Oct 9, 2000 09:00 AM

Scalini Fedeli

  • j

Does anyone know if this restaurant on Duane Street is still in business? Have called several times recently and there is no answer and no recording.

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  1. should be... perhaps you should call their Chatham, NJ restaurant for more information.
    They might be of assistance.

    1. Don't know if the NY location is still open; I never read a favorable review of this place in NY, but the NJ branch gets raved about. Odd.

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      1. re: jpbergman
        Rachel Perlow

        The Scalini Fedeli in Chatham, NJ is wonderful. However, there is not as much selection as in Manhattan (although there is some, it's not the boonies and a high percentage of commuters live in the area). Also, if the branch in Manhattan tried to do the seatings (two seatings per evening as opposed to staggered reservations) as the one in NJ did, I can see that being more of a problem in the city.