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Oct 8, 2000 10:52 AM

best deli near Lincoln Center

  • k

I need suggestions for the best deli in the Lincoln Center/Broadway area, perferably walking distance from 10th and 49th

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  1. j
    Jason "deliman" Perlow

    Either the Stage or the Carnegie. Carnegie is on 56th and 7th and Stage is on 834 7th ave. Neither are really in walking distance though.


    1. Who is Kevin and why so many food needs around Lincoln Center all at once? Are you going to eat deli food, go to the opera, eat pizza, go to the ballet, and then take your love out for a romantic dinner, all in one fell swoop?????????
      Please, fill us in!!!!!!!!!

      I skew uptown, but here are my Lincoln Center choices...

      Pizza: Patsy's Pizza - 74th just east of Columbus
      Romantic: Vince & Eddies - High 60's just east of Columbus
      Deli: Depending upon what you mean, if you're talking sandwiches, it's tough to beat Balducci's at 66th between Bway and Amsterdam