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Oct 6, 2000 03:11 PM

Yakiniku West

  • j

Has anyone been to this japanese grill/sushi place on E.9th between 2nd & 3rd (or thereabouts)...just looking for opinions...

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  1. r
    Robert Sietsema

    It's a branch of a Japanese, Korean-style steakhouse. Perfectly fine, with a good range of organ meats that can be ordered separately or in omnibus combos. The interior is particularly comfortable, but because they don't serve sushi, the profile of this East Village spot is very below-the-radar. Relatively expensive, but not compared to American steakhouses.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      I could have sworn I saw sushi pictures on the menu (in the window) as well as the BBQ's...i'll have to look again! Thanks!

      1. re: Jules
        Robert Sietsema

        I haven't eaten there in 9 months, so I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't added sushi to the menu, although there are so many good sushi places in the vicinity, it would be a shame to blow your sushi dollars there.