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Oct 6, 2000 10:38 AM

Tandoori Club on 29th St. - Anyone Been???

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Subject says it all. Passed by very late last night and the place was packed - - mostly Indian folks as far as I could tell as my cab zipped by. I think it was on 29th betw. 6th and B'way, but not positive.

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    Steven Stern

    There's a Tandoori Club on -39th-, just east of 6th: are you sure you weren't higher than you thought? (Um...that came out wrong.) Maybe there's one in the 20s, too--I think there's a place with the same name on the east side, so could be they're branching out.

    Anyway, I've posted about the 39th St. one a couple of times. I like it a lot. Pretty standard-looking Bangladeshi steam table stuff, but several notches above similar midtown options, I think. Nice biryanis, tasty dals and vegetables, and usually one or two interesting daily specials (I've had mixed experiences with the kingfish). Goat has tended to be too greasy, but lamb is real good. Not life-changing or worth a special trip, but one of the best lunch options in this neck of the woods.

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      Thanks for the feedback! For the record, I just looked in the phonebok and there are three of them, as a matter of fact - - 11 W. 29, 66 W. 39, and 131 E. 45.

      1. re: JimmyZ.

        Tandoori Club on 39th btw 5th & 6th is really solid on the biryanis, goat curry, chicken tika masala, but tends to be a bit heavy on the ghee. Lamb dishes always a solid bet.

        Tandoori Club on 45th is lighter on the grease and more liberal with the spices. Somehow, though--strangely a bit less soulful than the 39th street.

        Both of them, though--solid lunch choices and tends to be lightening quick with the delivery. Also--you can order online on

        1. re: Kat Kinsman

          I ordered takeout from the one on 39th St. awhile ago. It was so-so, but given the rest of the pov's I will give it another try. I had lamb which was greasy and not spicy enough. Perhaps this week, I'll try it for lunch report back.