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Oct 4, 2000 05:55 PM

Best Wine Restaurants

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Always on the hunt for restaurants that serve good wines at relatively reasonable prices. One of my favorites is Sparks Steakhouse. Yes, I do like their steaks, but I am in awe of their very reasonably priced and comprehensive wine list.

I also think the wine list at Union Pacific is one of the best around, especially when it comes to Rieslings.

I'm looking for recommendations on other restaurants that take their wines seriously.

Thanks in advance for your information.

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    stephen kaye

    for italian, manducatti's in long island city, and piccola venezia in astoria, have fabulous wines, tons of goodies not on the formal wine lists. also in nyc veritas

    1. A place with very good food and a diverse and interesting wine list is Etat Unis,service is very friendly also. They also have a wine bar across the street where you can eat too. They're known for their chocolate souffe.For Italian wine try another place that also has a wine bar nearby, I Trulli. Downtown "The Tasting Room" specializes in American wines.

      1. The Tasting Room on East 1st Street in the east Village.

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          This is a fantastic place. A very reasonably priced wine list to boot. Small room. Make reservations well in advance.

        2. How about Morrel's (sp?). They moved off of 5th ave and opened up a liquor store/restuarant near Rockefeller Center. The food is decent and the wine list is outstanding. They have Chateau Y'Quiem by the glass ($48)