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Oct 3, 2000 02:49 PM

LES Deli Distinction: An Epistemological Breakthrough?

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I thought one of the most interesting things in the Voice "Best Of" issue was a radical concept that Sietsema raised: Katz's for corned beef, but Second Avenue for pastrami.

This made instant, intuitive sense to me; one of those things I've felt, but never been able to say out loud, not even to myself.

I've never done an actual back-to-back comparison, though...haven't even been to Second Ave. in years.

What do others feel: helpful or heresy?

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  1. Heresy.

    Second Ave. Deli's thin-sliced pastrami doesn't even come CLOSE to Katz's wonderful thick chunks.

    I'll go to Second Ave. for matzoh ball soup and wonderful chopped liver. Pastrami? No way. It's been Katz's all the way ever since the original Pastrami King in Queens renovated (and even before it was a perennial question which was better -- Katz's or PK).


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    1. re: Patrick A.
      Mike Benedetti

      After Mr. Sietsema suggested Katz's for corned beef,
      but Second Avenue for pastrami, I just had to do a
      back-to-back. (Somehow I missed this thread at the

      In my opinion, Katz's won on pastrami, but corned beef
      was a close call. Katz's is inconsistent, though--
      half the time I'm there the pastrami sends me into a
      state of heightened awareness, and half the time it's
      just a meat sandwich. Tipping seems to have no effect
      one way or the other. I think you want the counter
      man to use a fairly fresh chunk of pastrami that one
      or two sandwiches have already come out of.

      Today I had the roast beef at Sandwich Planet for the
      first time. Now I have to do a comparison on this one,