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Oct 3, 2000 11:11 AM

Great Take-out Naan downtown

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If you work in the wall street area, theres a great little Indian sit in/take out joint across the street from 55 Broad on South William street, I think the name is something like "Dar something Khyaa", but its really easy to find, its next to the parking garage and the shoe repair place.

Several of my Indian and Pakistani coworkers eat there during the day, and their biryani is good and the usual standards make a nice quick lunch for less than 10 bucks a plate, usually under 7.50 in fact. But I really like to go there when I get out of work, right before I pick up my car and undergo my daily self-inflicted rape next door (500 bucks a month! AY CARAMBA!) . What I really dig is their stuffed naan.

Now, they make nice rotis, and great parathas and kulcha, but their stuffed chicken naan and their potato naan are awesome late day snacks. They make it right in front of you in the tandoor, and the smell of the thing is incredible, especially the chicken one. You wont find it on the menu but if you ask, they will also make you garlic naan, and they chop a TON of garlic and stuff it into the dough and sprinkle real ghee on it. Truly a great alternative snack to that end of day hot dog, pretzel or Gabila's knish.

Their pre-prepared Mango Lassie goes great with the bread too to wash it down. I eat the whole deal in the car waiting on line to the Holland, the car ends up smelling like a taxi but man do I love it.

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  1. r
    Rachel Perlow

    So that's why you're never hungry for dinner when you get home. I'll stop trying to have it ready when you walk through the door then! Meanwhile, get some for me, I'll expect it tonight!

    Love you! Rachel

    1. A good new place!

      A closer approximation of its name is Diwan e Khaas, with two (older) branches also on Cedar and Nassau Streets. My only complaint is my inability, at least at the other two shops, to get an alu paratha -- it always comes back as an alu naan.