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Oct 2, 2000 01:59 PM

NYC Marathon Night Dinner - C.Her's, please help

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A group of 20 of us from South Jersey are comming up to run the NYC Marathon on Nov. 5th.
We are looking for a Steakhouse. Nothing like 26.2 miles to turn a bunch of herbivores into carnivores.
I am familar with most of the biggies (P.L., Sparks,
S & W), but I'm not sure which one would accomodate a big group going thru runners-high withdrawal and two infants.
We would probably sacrifice quality for hospitality and patience. A private room would be nice, but not necessary.
All responses will be appreciated!

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  1. Easy one. Go Korean. Steak's great, and they've got private rooms galore. No wait.

    Woo Chon (36 w 36, 695-0676) is elegant has great quality meat and fantastic sauce, but, alas, doesn't smoke over coals (still great though).

    Kang Suh (1250 Broadway (enter on 32nd Street)212-564-6845) does it over coals, but it's a bit of a scruffy, dinerish ambiance (which I like, but may not be what you're looking for for a major blow-out in the big city).

    I'm pretty sure both have private rooms. Give a call. And come back and let us know if you have any ordering questions.

    Oh, and good luck in the race!!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim, great suggestion! You and I are on the same page and I will definitely check out these places on my own.
      However, this is not a very adventuresome group. Believe it or not, this is a first time trip for many of them to the big apple. (hard to fathom)
      Getting them to run the race was a hard enough sell, the sound of Korean food (even thou we'd be eating steak) will push them over the edge.
      Any thing more traditional in terms of steakhouses? What do we know about Cite' (sp?)?

      1. re: Robert

        what about a brazilian BBQ such as the churrascaria plataforma in times sq. area?

        1. re: jen kalb

          Nice suggestion on the Churrascaria, but for a straight-up, classic steakhouse, I'd like to suggest Ruth's Chris on 51st and 7th.

          Even though they're a quasi-chain and poo-pooed for it in the local Zagat's, they have great cuts of meat, I love the way the steaks are cooked drenched in butter (you can request no butter) and the atmosphere is more dignified and serene, the service a notch above Peter Luger's and the Palm. They may even have a private room upstairs (not sure about this, but there is SOME kind of upstairs).

          For a basic meat and potatos meal, I do indeed like this place. The Lyonnaise (potatoes and sauteed onions) are great as a side and the tuna and jumbo shrimp apps are quite fine, too.

          Hey--I though marathon runners were supposed to eat PASTA on the night before the big race.

          good luck,


          1. re: Shane

            You are exactly right, the carbo loading pasta dinner is the night before. My query is in regard the "night" of the marathon not marathon eve. No better way to replenish broken down muscle then with a steak-protien dinner.
            Anyway, the carbo dinner will probably be at Carmine's. (good for big groups) I've never had a good meal in Little Italy, but if you have a better suggestion for a pasta dinner, I'd love to hear it?

          2. re: jen kalb

            I second the Churrascaria Plataforma suggestion. Even though they do not have private rooms (I think), it is a great place for a large group. The food is good and it is a very festive place. It is slightly different from the usual restaurant, but not so different as to spook your friends. Good luck with the race!

      2. You might want to give Smith & Wollensky's a call -- there are upstairs dining rooms, and I think 20 people would get you one to yourselves. OR, you might try Wollensky's Grill (entrance around the corner on 49th Street) -- same steaks but much more casual atmosphere.