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Oct 2, 2000 09:47 AM

Calling all JURY DUTY faves

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I know this has been written about in the past but I'd love some current updates, and suggestions for dishes to get esp. as a single diner, which can be tricky with some asian unless you get more than 1 dish.
In 1 week (Oct. 11) I start Grand Jury which lasts ONE MONTH and will either be from 10--1 or 2--5. Hopefully I'll get 10--1 and have a month of awesome lunches!
I usually just go to Thailand Restaurant (Pongsri) but as a single diner I never luck out with a good dish.
Also, feel free to suggest places South of 100 Centre St. as I plan a few excursions to J&R Music World on Park Row, too.
And of course, any cool things to pick up at bakeries or stores to bring home. (I will make a trip to Kam Man--sp?-- the big chinatown supermkt for lots of good snacks in fabulous packaging, and some tea and other stuff.)
Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. Dragon Land Bakery on Walker Street, just north
    of the courthouse (at 111 Center) has great pastries.
    Highly recommended is the pineapple cake. Incredibly moist and tasty!

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      Franklin Cafe on Franklin and W Bway has pretty good malaysian food. There is a pamplet on local eating put out by the Citizens' Jury Project (disclosure: that project is a spinoff of the place where I work. But both are not-for-profits and there is no stake for the organization in any of the resturants)

    2. Walk the other direction to Pakistani Tea House (Church St. near Duane or Reade--just north of Chambers--very close to court). HUGE, tasty 3-veggie combo for $3.99 or meat + 2 veggie combo for $4.99.

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      1. re: Mary
        Jessica Shatan

        Thanks to you and Jacques. I won't be responding to each post but I am printing them all out and compiling a little folder. Any feedback after trying places will be posted in a new thread with the name of the place in the title.
        So thanks to you and future posters of this thread. And remember, I'll be serving for 3 or 4 weeks so don't be shy to post after Oct. 11th :-)

      2. I am not sure how long you will have for lunch, but when I had jury duty (for 1 week only) I had time to walk to Tribeca and had lunch at Kitchenette. (80 west broadway @ warren st.) The sandwiches and turkey burgers were pretty good. Even further west, the all you can eat lunch buffet at the indian restaurant Salaam Bombay (319 Greenwish St.)is great!
        Hope you have an interesting month.

        1. An order of pho at Nha Trang is an ideal meal for one, and it's seconds from the courts.