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Sep 30, 2000 05:05 PM

Tabla? Do you recommend.

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My girlfriend and I are coming to NYC from Boston in October and are interested in Tabla. What do you think?

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    Peter Bernstein

    I recomend Tabla with no hesitation. I've been there four times and will return. The food is inventive and very well prepared with ingredients that are very well chosen for freshness and flavor. The service is great, the room is beautiful, the indian spiced cocktails are not just gimmicks. The prices are high. The breadbar downstairs is a nice spot for a few drinks and snacks but it's easy to spend there also.

    I prefer it to the Union Square Cafe since I'm partial to south asian flavors.


    1. Yes, definately go there. I had had several good meals upstairs (prix fix) and at the more casual bread Bar downstairs (a la carte). The menus are quite different upstairs and downstairs, but both are delicious. It is one of my favorite restaurants in town because the atmosphere is so great. The room is beautiful, with a mosiac decoration on the ceiling downstairs, and the service is good too. If you opt for the more casual bread bar, I recommed getting one of the appetizer plates to share as they are excellent. Also the Tablatini, one of their signature drinks, is particularly yummy. Enjoy!

      1. I've been to Tabla (mostly downstairs breadbar) with mixed results. It's always good, but it comes just short of being excellent, in my opinion. I do have to give full credit to the drinks, appetizers, and service.

        If you're going to hit Tabla, I recommend getting a reservation for the upstairs. The upstairs is a warmer and more extravagant setting; I had the best group business lunch I've ever had there. The downstairs level's metal tables/seats left me feeling cold. Or it could have been my date.

        The last time I ate there (2 months ago), I had the sandshark curry -- avoid it; I've had fiestier curries in hospitals. There is an excellent (lamb?) sandwich.

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          George Lynch

          My vote is definitely yes. For one thing, Tabla is a Danny Meyer restaurant, which means they do things right when it comes to service. For another, it's probably one of the most interesting restaurants in town in terms of its ambience and decor.

          In perhaps a half dozen visits, I've been knocked out by the food all but once (my most recent visit). Perhaps I just didn't order the right things.

          My first visit was the best. I had arrived early for a business lunch date with a client of mine and she was late. One of the hostesses noticed I was sitting alone and chatted with me about the menu and the restaurant. Later, when my guest had arrived and we had placed our orders, three appetizers instead of two appeared on our table. The hostess with whom I had been chatting stopped by and said she thought we might like to try the additional one based on some things I had said. At no charge, of course.

          Then, about two or three days later, I received a handwritten card from this same hostess (I had given her my business card), in which she thanked me for choosing Tabla and said she hoped I would return.

          How could I not?