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Sep 28, 2000 08:07 PM


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I'm going to EQ on Saturday and wondered if anyone had some experience to share. Sorry, tried to research it (even Googled), but struck zed.D

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  1. I have not been there in several months, so with that proviso.....there is or was a rabbit loin on the menu that was utterly delicious. I also remember a squash soup that was outstanding. Didn't think the desserts were up to much. Very, very good service and a nice atmosphere--quiet and low-key.

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      yvonne johnson

      This is what I remember of EQ from about 6 months ago. I was intrigued to go there bec as a newish New Yorker, around 10 years ago, I dined in Mondrian (Foy’s earlier place), and loved the elegance and simplicity of the food, especially the fish. I was very happy at EQ, as I think Foy continues to do something with food that is unique. The word that comes to mind about his food is 'pristine', just like the setting. As an app, I had tuna tartare and exotic fruit (hard to place) accompanied it, but it went very well indeed. I had fish—it might have been halibut or cod, and it was terrific—the skin was crispy and the meat moist. We moved on to a cheese course. This was a very good selection put together by our waiter. We didn’t have dessert.

      I thought EQ was top-notch as did one other in our group of 4. I have to add, to include a contrasting opinion, that two others in the group were not so bowled over as I was.

      Other observations: The restaurant is very attractive, small and comfortable. The service was good, too. On the down side, it is very expensive (I think even 6 months ago they were hitting the $30 mark for mains. The wines are pricey too. We considered having port with our cheese, but the brandy/port list listed, in my view, extortionate prices for even a tawny port. So we stuck with wine.

      Will I go back? Yes, definitely.

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        Robert Sietsema

        Ruth Reichl reviewed it. Check one of the Times sites.