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Sep 28, 2000 12:51 AM

Best Places for Dessert

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I am very interested to know of good places to go for dessert in Queens and Manhattan. I will also post on the Queens board as well with my reccomendations there. I don't get to Manhattan as often as I used to, so I am a bit out of touch to reccomend dessert places, this is why I am asking.

Would really like to know a place where you can get some wonderful apple or pecan pie, and places where there is a pastry chef on hand for interesting and wonderful preparations, and be able to Sit down. I have been to Payard, and thought it was overpriced, and didn't impress me that much.

I don't like Magnolia in the Village (see my old post about this place). I went to Cookies and CousCous recently, and they were so gracious there, and had very delicious and delicate cookies, and fresh ice cream and gelato. There was a dessert crepe place around the corner which looked pretty good, and wonder if anyone has tried it?

Which restaurants allow you to just come for dessert if you like? I have been to alot of the dessert places on bleeker street and they all have the same commercial stuff. It seems like the restaurants always have better stuff, since I assume they have a chef on hand. Not the restuarants that all just buy from the same suppliers.

Little Italy always seems to be sort of disapointing the last few times I have gone.

In the west village, I never seem to be able to find anything open late and always end up at Taylor's which is kinda overkill and nowhere to sit.

I can't remember the name of a very good place that is on the same street as Lombardi's downtown (west of Lombard's), but they have wonderful tarts but they do not stay open late.

So, please let me know what restaurants you think have the best desserts (made by pastry chef's), and what other exclusive dessert places you can reccomend in Manhattan.


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  1. Not sure if you can JUST order dessert there, and the main part of the menu has gone downhill, so I haven't been in a while, but Cafe des Artistes had some wonderful desserts, esp., if you crave chocolate.

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      Gramercy Tavern has wondeful desserts (wondefful pastry chef), and you can sit in the front room and order just dessert anytime (and if it's late, you might not have to wait much or at all).

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        Grammercy is an excellent suggestion.

        Most restaurants in New York - even of the three star variety - will accomodate just desserters. It is likely that you'll have to sit at the bar or in a bar area unless you go after 10PM or so when they might be able to seat you at a table. Of course, it's a good idea to call first and see how each individual place treats those who come in for just dessert.

        Some of my favorite places for dessert include:
        Gramercy Tavern
        Park Avenue Cafe

        Good luck.

    2. my favorite dessert in new york is the chocolate chip bread pudding at the blue ribbon bakery in the village (33 downing street; cross 6th av. on houston and then veer to the right). they also have a pretty wicked french onion soup. i think they have enough seating that you could go there and just get drinks and dessert. and the bone marrow plate -- wow.