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Sep 26, 2000 02:17 PM

a friday night sabbath style family dinner in manhattan

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I need a moderate priced place with good food to take the family on the friday evening before my daughters wedding. A jewish style menu where we can get good chicken soup and a chicken, meat or fish dinner. A place where you can hear what others at the table are saying. There will be 12 of us, most of us out of towners.Somewhere we won't be rushed. Any ideas?

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  1. What's wrong with the Second Avenue Deli? It's true New York, the food is remarkable, it's open on Friday night, and you can always share to cut down on the price of a towering corned beef sandwich.

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    1. re: Nancy

      Thanks nancy for your reply. Second avenue deli is on my short list, but I am a bit concerned about the noise and grub factors. I know the soup and sandwiches are good, but has anyone ever ordered a dinner there?

      1. re: bob dodd

        I second Nancy's suggestion for Second Ave. Deli. The dinners are fine. I've had the fish fillet and it was just ok, (a bit pricey) but not bad for such a large portion. Besides the chopped liver, pastrami, and corned beef sandwiches, I can recommend the hot open turkey or brisket platters. Even my husband who doesn't eat meat is able to find something satisfying. Yummy - wish I were there now. Plus - out or towners might get a kick out of the place.

        1. re: Michele

          Michele - Do you think the 2nd avenue Deli is loud during dinner?

          1. re: Nancy


            I recently ate at the 2nd Avenue deli and had quite a nice meal. It wasn't very loud, but it was a Monday night. I noticed also that there were a few large groups holding dinners.

            1. re: mike

              Thanks mike, michelle and nancy for your assistance. I am going to call second avenue deli and see if I can get a reservation for my growing group of 15. I will let you all know how it works out.

              1. re: bob dodd

                I hope it works out - Remember to get the chopped liver!

    2. If you go to and go to New york
      city restaurants, you can search for kosher listings.
      Unfortunately, obviously, a number of these are closed on Friday nights.

      1. I don't know if you have had that dinner by now, just read the request.
        If it was a dinner before my daughter's wedding and we wanted a yiddish dinner, I would have it catered in my home, you could do the candles and the whole deal with the challah, it would be much warmer and a lot more intimate.