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Sep 26, 2000 09:26 AM

Hot and Sour soup

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It seems like many of the chinese restaurants have decent food but way below-par hot & sour soup. Can anyone recommend a place (Chinatown is fine, but I'm looking for your local weekly neighborhood joint) that has good H & S soup?

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  1. Charlie Mom on Sixth Avenue at 8th and 12th streets (or 11th?) has SHOCKINGLY good hot and sour soup, with plenty of cloud ear mushrooms, pork, and bean curd. It's HOT and SOUR, not just gluey standard stock. And last time I went, it was $3 for about a quart!

    There's another thread about this --started by moi--eight months back (or more), and the Big Dog barked about the best place in Chinatown: Kam Chueh, Bowery just south of Canal. As usual, he's absolutely right.

    But Charlie Mom's is the best I've found outside Chinatown.

    Best recipes I've found are in (of all places) The NEW JOY OF COOKING and (best of all) Eileen Yin-Fei Lo's CHINESE KITCHEN, a really splendid cookbook--best all-arond Chinese cookbook I've seen.

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      Anyone out there remember Joyce Chen? She had (has?) what was a very good restaurant in Cambridge, Ma. I'm pretty sure it was Cambridge. It's been many years since I was last there. BUT her cookbook is still one of my favorites and her Hot and Sour is the very best I've found to make at home. p.

    2. Best I've had outside of Chinatown is, indeed, my very own 'weekly neighborhood place'. It's called Baby Buddha and it is on the corner of Washington St. and Bethune St. in the W. Village. They also have a much larger sister restaurant on Hudson St. betw. Bank and W. 11th where you can get it, too. Anyway, it's a veggie hot and sour so sorry - - no pork. But has a great consistency (not too thin), lots of tofu, tons of fresh veggies, and a good bite. It has MUCH more flavor than any other hot and sour I've gotten outside of C'town. And the rest of the food is quite good, too!

      1. Tried the H&S at Joe's Shanghai last night. Really dissapointing. The shredded pork tasted old and funky. Too many shrimp versus other ingredients. Overall no one at the table enjoyed it.

        Man, I miss Sweet-n-Tart

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          I never get tired of recommending the Hot and Sour at Mee Noodle Shop at 53rd and 9th. They actually have two types of H&S. They have 'regular', which is just that and they have H&S w/ Cellophane noodles which is #73 on the menu. A small will set you back $1.65 and is big enough for a meal. The large is a tureen that will feed three for $2.85. The soup is chock full of tofu, mushrooms, unusually good carrots and the aforementioned cellophane noodles. I add a little red chile paste to the mix, although my friend who also always orders the soup sweats his way through without the hot sauce. I'd say it's pleasantly spicy with just the right touch of sourness. Good stuff. Also is a no-pork H&S.

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            Ditto the H&S at Joe's Ginger. Bland and disappointing.

          2. I wouldn't order hot & sour soup at Congee Village, because it's not a Cantonese soup, but when I've been with people who've ordered it, I've found it quite tasty. Though a bit sweeter than I'd prefer, it's pretty sour and very hot.