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Sep 25, 2000 09:10 PM

This wine week/free wine deal.... ?

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I'm sure you've all seen the NY Times ad offering free, unlimited wine at lunch for those restaurants owned by -- what's his name ? -- Roy Stillman ? Cite, Post House, Smith &Wollensky, etc. The wines mentioned are very good quality, and the ad simply says that some selection of these wines will be poured, without specifying which and where, vintages, etc.

Has anyone taken advantage of this deal ? Are the wines as advertised ? Or, is it simply a gimmick, one taken from Cite's nightly free pouring and then expanded upon ?

For that matter, how is the nightly Cite deal, in regard to the quality of the wines ?

Thanks !


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    Leslie Brenner

    I have attended several of the wine week promo lunches over the years. The wines poured are certainly as advertised. I believe they don't say in advance which specific wines from each producer they'll be pouring, but I've always been pleased with the selections. Each day they actually pour wines from every producer, though sometimes it seems the servers keep offering the same few. In that case, at worst, you just have to try to catch the attention of the other wine stewards and they're always happy to pour.

    I've also been to Cité for their wine special (after 8 p.m., I believe), and been quite impressed with the selections.

    New York Restaurant Group seems to me to be genuinely committed to excellent wine service in general, and these promotions, while certainly intended to bring in business, aren't just gimmicks.

    1. g
      George Lynch

      I read Leslie's comments and I want to second them. Eight of us tried Cite one cold night last winter specifically to take advantage of the wine deal, and I can tell you they lived up to our expectations. The wines were good (all four of them, as I recall), and the staff poured until we stopped asking.

      Oh yeah, the food was also quite good. And so was the setting.

      It's a good deal. Do yourself a favor; try it.