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Sep 25, 2000 12:56 PM

Gramercy Tavern Contest (attention oenephiles)

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From the GT newsletter:

"What is a 'FULL-BODIED' red wine? Is it a Bordeaux, or a Barolo, a Priorat, a Zweigelt? Sometimes, we do not know ourselves. Which is why the 'FULL-BODIED' section of our wine list has become a catch-aall category for lost grapes. We need assistance in solving this perplexing issue!! Using your best wine adjectives, help us find the one word that best describes a band of vinous characters ranging from Spain to Austria to Sicily to Piedmont to Portugal to Greece. Just one word! The winning entry will receive a tasting menu for two paired with wines. And the knowledge that you have made a definite imprint (we mean it!) upon the wine program at Gramercy Tavern. Send your entries to All entries become the property of Gramercy Tavern."

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