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Sep 22, 2000 02:21 PM

NYC for East European visitors!

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I'm trying to sort out accommodations in NYC for a week during Christmas for a Hungarian couple who may be on a very limited budget. I'm moving to London next week, so I won't have a place to offer them, and I don't have time to properly research an alternative. I'd like to offer them a range of choices from Bed & Breakfast or Hotel, to a sublet or self-service suite.

I know that if anyone can help, Chowhounds can! To justify this posting, please suggest some appropriate places for them to get a real taste of America and especially of NYC (but without breaking the bank).

Thanks all!

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  1. As far as cheaper dining options go, how about a huge American breakfast? There are a ton of opinions as to the best choices, so try using the search function. One of my favorites is Old Devil Moon (obscenely large Southern-style breakfasts with knockout homemade jams), but definitely only for breakfast. It's on E.12th between Aves. A and B.

    1. I saw a Lonely Planet episode of NYC about a year back, and Ian stayed at a great-looking, relatively inexpensive b&b on City Island, which is pretty close to Manhattan. Here's the info: Le Refuge B&B, 620 City Island Ave., 718-885-2478.

      I did a search and couldn't find anything on the web except a 1999 Washington Post article which said that rooms start at $65 a night.

      1. Try the AYH hostel on W. 107 & Amsterdam -- about $25/night -- less if they become members. I think they could get at least breakfast there and it's in Manhattan. They could always pick up some bagels at H&H and lekvar at Zabar's.

        1. try the Gershwin Hotel on 27th st. they have a web site - I THINK I linked to it below
          It is both a hostel-type place (shared baths) and a pretty low-priced hotel.
          So they can decide which they prefer, based on price. There's a winter special at $99 for a room with private bath, which is pretty good for that area.