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Mar 4, 2002 05:23 PM

decent watering hole: Taraval and 21st area

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Hi all - am planning a going away party for a friend and am seeking a decent place to gather and drink a few beers on Thursday night. We'd like to stick around 21st and Taraval, within 5 blocks max. I know there's places around there, but am not sure which would best fit the bill.

The bill is:

accomodates 10-15 people
decent selection on tap
if there were a pool table, that would be swell

Our standards, they are not too high. I do recall one bar in that neighborhood that was hostile to new people - this was 1992, probably all different now, but nasty at the time (the regulars were a little too regular and hardbitten). Can't recall which place that was and don't want to happen upon it again - have had enough grumbling about those damn kids to last me for a lifetime (though now it's 10 years later, perhaps we wouldn't be views as damn kids, but that's wondering better left elsewhere).

Anyway, any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for the insight.

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  1. I don't know about clean (since last time I was there it was rather smokey, despite the law), or selection of beers on tap (unless you like Guiness), but the Shannon Arms on Taraval at 19th is a great, genuine Irish working-class bar, complete with pool table.

    Since my roommate's name is Shannon, it's always been "her" bar when she's in the mood for that kind of experience (which inevitably includes flirting with scruffy guys with cute accents).

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      On re-reading your message, maybe the Shannon Arms is (1) a little small for that size group, and (2) the place with the hard-bitten regulars who didn't like the "kids" [g].

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Thanks, Ruth. I will go by and poke my head in. The fact is, we're not kids anymore! And just as well.

    2. Shannon Arms???Dirty,cliquish,smelly and unfriendly.
      can you say dive bar?check in about 4:30 PM if you want some alky's as companions for a nite of sub-par
      drinking. otherwise a far better choice would be Ricks
      at 1940 Taraval Street.

      1. j
        Janet A. Zimmerman

        Grandma's Saloon -- Taraval and about 20th. Pool table, and a basic neighborhood bar atmosphere. Can't remember what sort of beer they have on tap. The few times I went there (it was a handy meeting place for friends a few years back) I always felt comfortable. I remember poking my head in Shannon Arms once or twice and didn't feel welcomed.