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Sep 22, 2000 01:38 PM

Best bargain Chinese take-out in Grammercy? (e)

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  1. the thai place (formerly Rungsit) on the NE corner of 3rd and 23rd might fill the bill - its not cheap but it has quite good food. there's a chinese restaurant on 3rd right around the corner from Rungsit that has been fairly good in the past. But I have no experience with their takeout. Ill try to post some suggestions later on your general query. Teriyaki Boy just south of 23rd on Lex has pretty good, large rice bowl and noodle dishes for takeout and eat-in.

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      It's not dirt cheap, but Chef 28 on 28th between Madison and Park is a good option - very solid. They usually do a really good job with greens, and the crystal shrimp dumplings are tasty and comforting. Just avoid the egg drop soup!

    2. "Grammercy" has one "M" ----> "Gramercy".