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Sep 22, 2000 10:45 AM

breakfast - REAL oatmeal - flatiron area - or other?

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near 27th and 5th

or anywhere else, that makes REAL old-fashioned oatmeal. The steel-cut, cook for 1/2 an hour kind, not quick cook or instant - the real deal. Maybe a true Irish place?

Preferably also has reasonable other things for breakfast, pancakes, eggs, omelets, etc.


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  1. You can get real oatmal at the City Bakery, on 17th St., I think it's around Park/5th Ave.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Of course! That's the correct answer. Unless you want a Guinness with your breakfast, put St. Dymphna's out of your mind.

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        Just a follow-up. The oatmeal was the quick-cooking - not instant, but certainly not "the real deal." AND they don't cook it with salt, so it was pretty bland. If you just add a TEENY pinch of salt after cooking, during the time it should stand off the heat and sort of steam itself, it adds a tremendous amount of flavor. So yes, oatmeal, but not OATMEAL.

        They had a ton of (what looked like good) pastries, a self-serve fruit bar, and you could put your own toppings on the oatmeal (no charge for nuts, sugar, raisins or cinnamon, other fancier toppings cost a bit). They put the milk in your coffee for you, if you want it. There are places to sit, but it's not really great for sitting and relaxing, because it's so busy with people coming in and going out.

        Next time I'll try the oatmeal at the Irish place and report back :)


      2. Not that near the Flatiron, but I'm pretty sure they do serious oatmeal at St. Dymphna's in the East Village (St. Mark's Place btwn. 1st & A). (I always have gone for the good-not-great Irish breakfast: rashers, black pudding, beans, the whole deal.)